Special Educational Needs

At Clarendon Road, staff, parents and wider professionals within the community embrace joint-working in order to provide the best, all-round care and support for our pupils. School has developed joint-working mechanisms to draw together skills and expertise from across SEN, social care, specialist health and other relevant agencies. This promotes good working relationships between care professionals, school staff and parents and gets the best outcomes for our pupils.

The Inclusion team at Clarendon Road pride themselves in working tirelessly to achieve this. The Inclusion Lead and Learning Mentor work very closely as a team to assist children and their families with any additional support they may require – academically, socially and emotionally.

School values the specialist advice from multi-agencies and buys in additional expertise from an educational psychologist, and speech and language therapist as well as early intervention support for pupils with social, emotional and mental health needs.

As good practice, we hold regular Every Child Matters meetings which incorporate joint-working, led by our Inclusion Lead and Learning Mentor. As a team, we offer a friendly, supportive approach to parents and professionals to discuss the way forward for any child who may require further support. We work closely with Community Paediatricians, the Primary Inclusion Team, Speech and Language therapists and the  Educational Psychologist Service and social workers.

Pupil inclusion packages include:

  • Sensory support
  • Mental Health support
  • Support with anxiety and emotions
  • Anger management
  • Coping with bereavement
  • Separation and transition
  • Friendship strategies and understanding of feelings

Parental packages include:

  • Opportunities to chat with the Early Intervention Team about any advice or support they may be seeking, such as parenting programmes
  • Informal conversations with the Works and Skills team to support  parents to return to work  with training, job search and CV advice
  • Debt Management Team advice to support families.
  • Salford Assist help parents with food parcels, uniforms and household equipment.
  • Mrs Hicks and Mrs Clarke provide an open-door policy and no question is ever a wrong question. We place a high value on creating a safe and secure environment for all our families.


SEN Graduated Response

At Clarendon Road, children’s progress is constantly monitored and assessed and careful records are kept. Occasionally we find that a child does not make the progress we expect. When this is the case, parents are consulted and appropriate steps taken to support the chil.

An Individual Education Plan may be created with individual targets, review dates and ideas to help parents to support their child at home and staff to support the child in school.

If targets continue to be unachievable, outside agencies such as Educational Psychologists, Speech and Language Therapists or Behaviour Specialists may be called upon for extra support.

After further consultation with parents, the Local Authority (LA) may have to make a statutory assessment based on specialist advice. The LA may then draw up an Education, Health and Care Plan. This describes all the child’s needs and all the special help that should be provided. Parents are always consulted and kept fully informed at every stage if we identify that their child would benefit from some extra help. This could be for educational, physical, personal, or social needs.

Our assessment procedures also identify children with extremely high academic ability and work is planned to meet the learning requirements of these children. Outside agencies may also be used to supplement school resources.

SEN Staff

Mrs Clarke

Inclusion Lead

Mrs Hicks

Learning Mentor