School Meals

School Meals

​The cook, Ms Ware, runs the school kitchen together with her team of staff.  They prepare children’s meals daily on the premises. Each week a new menu is served which gives children a choice between hot meals, sandwiches and salad and a choice of dessert.

School meals cost £2.10 per day. Parents can order and pay online using the Evolve system.

Children in reception, Year One and Year Two are entitled to the Universal Free School Meal.

If you think your child may be entitled to standard Free School Meals please telephone Tel: 0161 193 2500 or find information on the website:

Parents who would rather send their child to school with a packed lunch are welcome to do so. We encourage lunchboxes to be healthy and balanced and should not contain sweets and chocolate. Any drinks sent from home should not be fizzy and should not be in cans or glass bottles.


Children can receive school milk if you wish them to have it. This is still provided free of charge to the under 5s. Once your child reaches their fifth birthday you will be expected to make a termly contribution to pay for their milk. You will be sent a letter in advance of each new term asking you if you would like your child to have milk and detailing the cost for that term. If your child is registered for Free School Meals you do not have to pay for the milk, but you still need to return the request form. All children are encouraged to drink water during the day. We encourage you to send a plastic bottle of water from home each day. This is particularly necessary in the summer months and on PE days.

Fruit Scheme

If your child is aged four to six and attends a fully state-funded infant, primary or special school, they are entitled to receive a free piece of fruit or vegetable each school day. This provides one of their 5 A DAY portions, and the scheme also helps to increase awareness of the importance of eating fruit and vegetables, encouraging healthy eating habits that can be carried into later life.

Log in to our school’s online cashless catering system, Evolve.