Ofsted Feedback

Dear Members of our School Community,

We are absolutely delighted to be able to share some brilliant news with you.

We have finally received the outcome of our Section 5 Ofsted visit in March and can share with you that we continue to be a rated a GOOD school.

We achieved GOOD for each of the areas: quality of education, behaviour and attitudes, personal development, leadership and management; and early years provision.

We are thrilled that the inspection team got the opportunity to come and see just how welcoming our whole school community is; how strong our curriculum is; and how happy our pupils, parents and staff are to be part of the Clarendon Road community.

You will see many positives within the report. However, as the report is so concise, we feel it does not show the full extent of just how positive our feedback from the inspection team was, so we would like to share some additional highlights with you:

⦁ Spirit of School values underpin everything that happens in school with behaviour and attitudes a strength of the school.
⦁ Pupils are ‘amazing ambassadors’ of the school and their learning.
⦁ Playgrounds are ‘safe places to be’ and the positive role of the welfare team is evident.
⦁ Pupils are passionate about books, with many being avid readers.
⦁ The delivery of phonics is completely consistent with staff identified as ‘early reading experts’.
⦁ Safeguarding is ‘deeply-rooted’ in the ethos of the school and the early help support is exemplary.
⦁ Support for children with SEND is implemented swiftly through a robust team.
⦁ Parents who spoke to the inspectors across the two days felt their children were happy, well cared for, that there was good communication between home and school and that it was time to recognise that Clarendon Road is a GOOD school.
⦁ One parent referred to school as “the biggest cheerleader of her son.” Another felt the diversity of the school community was extremely enriching for pupils.
⦁ Staff, parents, governors and the LA representative were very positive about the school and showed a strong appreciation for the leadership team.
⦁ The impact of the leadership team was evident in all areas.
⦁ Leaders have a proactive approach and a no-excuse mentality in terms of standards.
⦁ Leaders have a clear understanding of the journey the curriculum is on.
⦁ The music subject leader shows clear enthusiasm and passion for her role, with a clear ambition for the role of music and the ability to identify next steps for the subject.
⦁ The science subject leader has a clear vision for the subject and there is clear evidence of the work she has done having a positive impact on pupils’ learning. It was clear to inspectors why this subject leader is used as a template for other leaders to follow.
⦁ The history subject leader is a passionate historian; articulate about her subject with a real knowledge of local history that is clearly used to positively impact on the school’s curriculum.
⦁ The art subject leader is having a positive impact on the teaching and learning of art throughout school by utilising her art skills to develop teachers. The impact is clear in pupils’ sketch books.
⦁ Governors want to serve the school well. They have a sound understanding of what is happening in school and are on the same page as school leaders.

We hope you have enjoyed reading these and our report.

We are very aware there is still work to be done to make Clarendon Road an even better school.

We do not plan to stand still. We have the drive, passion and ambition to go above and beyond for our school community. The Areas for Improvement in the report will be our starting point for an ongoing journey of development.

We want to extend a massive thank you to all of you for your ongoing support. Both during the inspection process, and on an everyday basis. We are extremely proud to be part of such a strong school community and what we do in school would not be possible without all of our members working in partnership to achieve that.

We will be shouting it from the rooftops and hope you will join us in doing so.