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“Be happy. Be proud. Shine!”

Clarendon Road Primary School

Information Overview


We are a nut free zone: No nuts/nut products should be brought into school as we have children with allergies. Please be mindful of this when sending in your child’s packed lunch.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a school community where people value themselves and others, where human diversity and effort are celebrated, the environment respected and a lifelong love of learning is fostered.

The aims of the school are:

Be happy. Be Proud. Shine!

Our Vision

A unique school where all individuals are committed to working with a shared ethos. During their journey at CRPS, children feel safe and welcome, enabling them to develop essential skills for the future.

Excellent leadership identifies and provides supportive, personalised staff and pupil development embedded in a positive, cohesive working environment for the whole team so that everyone is a leader of learning.

Consistently passionate teaching enables every child to progress and attain their full potential through a wide range of pivotal learning opportunities, visits and extracurricular activities.

Staff, children, parents, governors and the wider community work together to achieve shared goals and excellent outcomes for all. All children and their families are welcomed and supported to engage with learning.

A school where all children are supportive and friendly toward their peers and show respect towards all adults. Children strive to achieve the school’s core values through the Spirit of School system.

A school with a reputation for celebrating its diversity and with a proud culture of modern British values.

Entitlement for All

We believe it is important that all children have had a range of opportunities and experiences before they move on to high school. See our attachment: Entitlement for All to see what children at Clarendon Road are offered over the years.


Our School Spirits