Arrivals Ambassadors

Our New Arrivals Ambassadors play a key role in our School of Sanctuary. All members are in Year 6 and it is their job to support any child who arrives at our school part way through the year and may need extra help to settle in.
When visiting our school for the first time, new arrivals will be given a tour by the Ambassadors and will be shown all of the most important places in school. They, then, support new arrivals to make new friends and settle in quickly.
The Ambassadors regularly check in on our new arrivals to ensure they are happy in their new classes and with their new friends.
The New Arrivals Ambassadors received a programme of training including aspects such as how to be a good listener and how to help another child to become independent. They also developed qualities such as becoming good communicators, patience and overall, being role models for their peers.
All of our New Arrivals Ambassadors are proudly wearing their purple hoodies to make them clearly identifiable around school. ​